change management

ROCK ‘N CHANGE is a blog to inspire individuals, teams and organisations for successful change management strategy and implementation.

With more than 10 years’ of experience in change management we hope that we can give you some guidance and inspiration about effective change management processes, methodologies and strategies.

We have implemented CRM systems across 18 European markets, implemented new business processes, lead big organisational change projects and had a big focus on the human aspect of change. Change happens with the individual and can only succeed if they accept the change.

We will inspire you with various topics about change management.

  • Psychology behind change
  • Change processes, for example:
    • Elephant & the Rider
    • ADKAR model
    • Lewin’s changemanagement model
    • McKinsey’s 7-S model
    • Kotter’s theory
    • Kubler-Ross’ change curve
  • Business processes, for example
    • Kaizen
    • Lean
    • Lean Sig Sigma
    • Scrum / Kanban
    • Agile
    • Design thinking
  • Operational Excellence
  • Strategy

Enjoy the blog and ROCK ‘N CHANGE